Keith Kaspian – “Eye of the Needle”

Under the name “Keith Kaspian” I’ve written some deep atmosphere electronica/trip-hop music. “Eye of the Needle” is an album I’m very proud of, and it has such a unique character and rich vibe. It’s beat-driven but very heady, mystical, and in some ways spiritual.

I wrote this album between 2017 and 2018 during the midst of an intense period of anxiety. The composing of this album probably helped save my sanity.

I composed all tracks with the exception of “Obsidian” which was conceived ca. 2010 and was a collaboration with my good Sicilian friend, indie musician Claudio Cataldi. Claudio beautifully plays the live violin parts in this song.

The album is sort of an unofficial soundtrack to my short story “Kaspian Tea”, as many themes are echoed in the song titles, and the musical atmosphere seems to compliment what I was going for in the words of the story.

I often listen to this album while drifting off to sleep. I’m considering doing more albums under the name Keith Kaspian, exploring the ways in which music can heal or enhance the psyche.

You can purchase the album through Bandcamp, and it will also be on major digital distributors like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon very soon.

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